Psychic Medium Training


For Warriors of The Soul

Kass offers Psychic Medium Training for those awakening to their Gifts. This Intuitive Class covers many topics - to learn and explore and open more to the Gifts.  Learn about Sacred Space, How to Read Aura's, Use a Pendulum, Mediumship & Channeling.  Kass teaches Psychic Protection, and Ethics and Boundaries for Psychics in this all day INTENSIVE class.   Please have pen and paper, tarot cards, and a pendulum for class.

In Person Training

8 Hour Intensive Class

Sacred Space

Psychic Reading

Tarot Reading

Aura Reading

Channeling / Mediumship

Psychic Protection

Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters

Wherever you are on your journey of awakening Kass will meet you there. Find out more


Learn to Awaken


Learn to Awaken Class

Kass teaches "Learn to Awaken" an integrative Spiritual class to help those wishing to strengthen their spiritual practice and tune in to Spirit.   This class is offered every other week.

Online VideoChat Class - live with Kass via your computer.

Have you wanted to learn to meditate or learn simple techniques to tune in better? Have you wanted to see more clearly, hear more clearly, and understand the meaning of what you're getting?

Understand your beautiful significance in

this vast world of I AM

Learn to enjoy the awakening process, confront what's blocking you, and spiritually evolve with joy. 

Listen to what your intuition is telling you, and learn to feel - communicate - and experience from a place of peace within - with self...through consciousness.

Bring your questions to class, show up with pen and paper, this is a holistic online classroom environment.

Breathe deeply....

for the benefit of your Soul

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Usui Reiki Training


Level One Reiki

"Beginning Energy Healing" 

Reiki Level One, Two and Three Reiki Master Training Available with Kass Huff.

Email to book your class with Kass.  Please advise what level you are requesting and the best dates and times that work for you.

Level One

Become a Usui Reiki Practitioner - a perfect introduction to the Healing Arts and developing awareness of self, intuitive gifts, as well work with Source.  Usui Reiki Level One, Two, and Reiki Master Attunement Training and Certification.  

Level Two

Become attuned and certified to offer healing for others, including people, plants, pets, etc.  Learn the tools to do Professional sessions and how to work safety with energy and learn clearing techniques.

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