Open To Your Divine Gift



Psychic Medium Training with Kass Huff

Spiritual & Psychic Development. This Intuitive Class covers many topics - to learn and explore and open more to the Gifts.  Learn about Sacred Space, How to Read Aura's, Use a Pendulum, Mediumship & Channeling.  Kass teaches Psychic Protection, and Ethics and Boundaries for Psychics.   Class will be focused on the many teachings that have come forward for students over the past 10 years of classes - working with intuitive people. Topics include Sacred Space, Tuning in, learning balance with your gift, meditation, aura reading, channeling, mediumship, meditation, clearing, astral travel, remote viewing, numerology, dream analysis, energy healing, Shamanism, past lives, pendulum, and Tarot. This class is a monthly 2 hour class - and is tailored to the students and is intuitive - in other words what Creator brings forward. Only a few topics are introduced each class. Bring your questions, and your intentions, and be open to being truly open and in a good way, in Sacred Space with Source.