For Warriors of The Soul

Psychic Medium Training

Classes cover as much as we can in each training session.  The class is an Intuitive Platform and focuses on the needs of the Students.  We begin with ethics and boundaries, tuning in, discovering your gifts, and setting sacred space and working in Sacred Energy.  Over the years this class has evolved. 

Register Here.   Next Class is September 28th.

Are you a gifted Psychic and want to work as one, or hone your skills to a level of understanding that will help enhance your life as well as the lives of others around you?  Kass's course developed from the years of training students in classroom setting and one on one Psychic and Mediumship Development training sessions with psychic clients. The course is intended to encourage your gifts to shine - and give you the education, ethics, support, and skills to develop a healthy practice that is balanced and on path for you.  

Every spiritual awakening is unique - and there is no 'one way' therefore the class is as intuitive as the students.  Giving you the flexibility to fly on your own, and the skills to help you set healthy limits and guidelines to support your ever evolving universe. There are hundreds of topics - Kass brings you the most relevant, most helpful training to help developing psychics and mediums to their fullest potential.  

Class topics and training include:   Setting A Sacred Space, Understand what makes a person intuitive, Increase Psychic Abilities, Read people, places, and situations, Determine what Your Gifts are and How to Work with them, Psychic Skill Building, how to honor your gifts, how to increase intuitive abilities, determine what your gifts truly are, learn tools to manage energy, open up to trusting intuitive insight, receiving validation, and learn the ever important rules of discernment. Learn dowsing, aura reading, clearing, and 'tuning in'.  Reading Aura's, Clearing, Quantum Physics, Remote Viewing: Learn how to clear yourself, as well as how to clear a person, place, or thing. Continued practice of dowsing, practice clearing, 'tuning in', and learn the basics of quantum physics and practice remote viewing. Increase trust in your abilities, and step outside the box. 

​I will teach honoring your gifts, ethics and boundaries, connect with Angels and Guides, and receive messages from Great Spirit, learn techniques for tuning in, the basics of readings others and how to do it safely and ethically. development techniques, channeling, mediumship, understanding what you read and how you read it, and help you develop tools to help you work with your gifts at the next level!