Healing Sessions

Psychic/Shamanic Healing Session (may include Soul Retrieval) 

A Healing Session is a powerful transformational experience with deep emotional healing and focus on helping you move ahead.  Healing Sessions help you to heal and rejuvenate yourself on your path now, Find balance and restore your personal power to heal yourself.  Heal old wounds, reclaim energies, receive intuitive insight, healing and guidance.  Can help with deep emotional healing, re-align your body to be able to receive health and joy.  May include journey to rebirth or reclaim energies lost in relationships, past lives, etc., Soul Retrieval to achieve wholeness, physical clearing and energetic re-balancing. Heal old wounds, past life patterns, clear your aura, etc*.  You will be lying down on a comfortable table for this session.  Available by appointment.  Email info@kasshuff.com to schedule.  

Seated Healing Session with Energy Healing

A seated Spiritual/Psychic healing session. Working with opening portals to the Divine and allowing old stuck blockages to release, let go of mental blockages, work through patterns, and align to your personal best vibration of health.   Allow connection with Source to flow and release mental blockages to heal your life.  Kass is a Psychic Medium, trained hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master - sessions may include healing, energy balancing/Reiki, Akashic Records (past lives), hypnosis.  Every session is different and tailored to the client.  This type of session is also good for help with weight loss, smoking cessation, healing from trauma, spiritual development. Available by appointment.  

Email info@kasshuff.com to schedule.  

Energy Healing Session

Lay on a heated massage table and receive energy healing with Kass.  Using singing bowls, Reiki, and energy healing techniques - receive Chakra balancing and energy healing.  Email info@kasshuff.com to schedule.  

*Medical Disclaimer