Healing Sessions, Reiki, and Hypnosis

Healing Sessions, Reiki, and Hypnosis via LiveSteam

Healing Sessions  (Psychic/Shamanic)
A Healing Session with Kass is a powerful transformational experience with deep emotional healing and focus on helping you move ahead.  She will help you to heal and rejuvenate yourself on your path now, Find balance and restore your personal power to heal yourself.  Heal old wounds, reclaim energies, receive intuitive insight, healing and guidance.  Can help with deep emotional healing, re-align your body to be able to receive health and joy.  May include journey to rebirth or reclaim energies lost in relationships, past lives, etc., Soul Retrieval to achieve wholeness, physical clearing and energetic re-balancing.  Sessions are generally 60 Minutes.  $150.00 LiveStream.

God's Light Reiki/Healing Session

Kass offers God's Light Reiki Energy Healing Session for healing and cleansing,toxic emotional release, as well as release unaligned energies, and receive positive univeral energy to increase your health and overall well-being.  Relaxing and invigorating healing experience to bring you back to your sense of health.  Bring source energy directly to your body, mind, and spirit.  Transmute negative energies from the body, balance the chakra's and bring balance to the emotional and physical bodies, as well as the subtle energy body/aura. Reiki is ages old traditional form of healing that balances the Chakra's (nervous system) as well as cleanses the aura (energy body), and brings peace and harmony. Increase positive energy flow and restore a sense of well-being.  Reiki is proven to help with anxiety, stress, fatigue, insomnia, and helps with the side effects of chemo, radiation. Sessions are 30 Minutes or longer.  $75.00 for a half hour via LiveStream. 

Past Life Regression
Recall Past Lives and Heal patterns negatively affecting your life now. Your first session includes an intake. Discover past lives, messages your higher self needs you to hear now to help you on your life's journey, and understand the roles of people and circumstances in your past lives and how they are affecting you now.  Raising your awareness to the whole picture - and experience an awakening. Through the process used in Traditional Hypnotherapy Kass will take you into a relaxed state to bring forth past life memories.  Sessions are generally 90 minutes. $225.00 per session, sessions are LiveStream.

Hypnotherapy - Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Addiction, Healing
Your first session includes an intake. Hypnosis has been known to help transform patterns, negative self talk, cellular memory, thoughts related to self image and weight, stagnation, and emotional as well as spiritual and physical health issues - at the deepest level.   Awaken feeling refreshed and relaxed, with a deeper understanding of your journey, and knowledge that comes only through yourself, from yourself, for your highest good, to help you achieve your goals.  Hypnosis for Healing - whatever your situation.  For Weight Loss: Discover what your body and mind need you to know about the patterns that are keeping you from your goals, as well as incorporate the tools while under hypnosis to assist you to make healthy choices for optimum weight loss, and achievement of your goals.  For Smoking Cessation /Addiction:  Breakthrough Feel free of addictions through hypnosis decrease desire for cigarettes and nicotine, and other addictions. Discover what your body and mind need you to know, understand in order to break free from patterns keeping you from your goals. Receive unique tools and mindset that works best with you.  Sessions are generally 90 minutes. $225.00 LiveStream.

About LiveStream Sessions

LiveStream is a newer form of Video Technology and requires both the client and the Practitioner to login to a Private Video Room on the Internet using a computer or possibly a phone (Computer is preferred so you can relax during your session).  In this way Kass can see you as well as Read the Situation and offer healing and you are able to sit in your most relaxed place in your home and receive comfortably.  Bringing your stress levels down, releasing old wounds, and allowing the energy to flow to you for the purpose of healing (Reiki), re-birthing and soul retrieval (Healing Session), and establishing new patterns (Hypnosis, and self discovery (Past Life Hypnosis).  It is important that you are clean and sober (as best you can be) for this type of session with Kass and have a well lit room and good working computer.  Kass will email you the login information once your appointment is booked.   Kass can record the session for you.