Psychic/Shamanic Healing

Healing Sessions

Healing Session / Shamanic / Soul Retrieval

A Healing Session with Kass is a powerful transformational experience with deep emotional healing and focus on helping you move ahead.  She will help you to heal and rejuvenate yourself on your path now, Find balance and restore your personal power to heal yourself.  Heal old wounds, reclaim energies, receive intuitive insight, healing and guidance.  Can help with deep emotional healing, re-align your body to be able to receive health and joy.  May include journey to rebirth or reclaim energies lost in relationships, past lives, etc., Soul Retrieval to achieve wholeness, physical clearing and energetic re-balancing. Heal old wounds, past life patterns, clear your aura, etc.  If you are searching for hypnosis for weight loss or smoking cessation this is an alternative and Kass is a trained hynotherapist however uses the Psychic/Shamanic techniques to work with most issues. $150.00 60 Minute 

LiveStream Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions are available by Video Live-Stream.