Healing Sessions - currently on hold due to covid19

90 Minutes of Healing (Psychic Shamanic)

Heal wounds, recover lost energy and gain new sight, clear and stabilize the path you are on today. Psychic healing (along with breathing techniques and energy healing or talk healing/speaking the language of your Soul) offers an opportunity to start the healing of physical and emotional pains and health issues. During the session you may be able to move through the root causes of stubborn issues to release vibrations of disharmony, and energize what is internally correct and flowing in harmony with your Soul – focus to release dis-order and -disease through the practice of metaphysics and releasement techniques.  May include Psychic/Shamanic Healing. 90 Minutes $165.00.  

An Hour of "Table Thai" (Psychic Bodywork)

Thai Yoga is a an ancient practice of Metta Loving Kindness in bodywork techniques that stretch, rock, relax, and massage the body practiced in Thai land and brought to the United States. The session is performed on a massage table.  Please wear comfortable clothes to your session.  Licensed Massage Therapist in Washington State since 2009 LMT #MA60077010. 

60 Minutes $100.00. 

An Hour of Reiki (Psychic Energy)

Kass offers Reiki, is a Spiritual and compassionate practice where the practitioner applies Universal Energy to the client – this subtle yet powerful healing energy can clear, heal, increase health, stimulate immune system, align the Chakra’s, and open one’s own intuition aiding in Psychic and/or Spiritual Development.  Reiki is very relaxing and has been proven to help with insomnia, anxiety, and healing from chemotherapy related side effects, and help to bring overall balance to one's life.  You will be lying down on a comfortable table for this session.  May include singing bowls. 60 Minutes  $125.00. 

Remote Healing by phone is available.  Just tell Kass at the start of your call you are requesting healing during the session (or let her know what issues you are calling to work on).

*Medical Disclaimer


Healing Sessions are available By Appointment