Missing Persons and Unsolved Mysteries

When I was young I had dreams about things I couldn't speak about.  When I was older I discovered those dreams were about real people, and real incidents.  I don't know exactly how it works but there are times when people who have passed away come to me in dreams and tell me their story.   Since accepting my gift, I have been asked to work on hundreds of cases.  I have adopted an attitude of H.O.P.E.  Hold Onto Positive Energy when working with the families and detectives's on Missing Persons cases.  H.O.P.E. means always assume the client is alive unless I actually begin to "Communicate" and are absolutely sure they are deceased.  In some cases,  I have been a guide in helping the families to navigate the difficult systems that fall into place in the early stages of missing person due to my experience.  I am an advocate that 100% trust in our Law Enforcement should be given.  All parties need to work together for the common goal - to bring missing loved ones home and find answers.  

If you are called to speak with me about a case - I recommend you have your questions prepared in advance, record or write down exactly what I get - not "what you think you heard, or what you interpret it to mean" but exact, and don't add anything to the information.  Have an open mind.  In cases where I dream about the missing person - or have visions where I feel the information could in some way be helpful I will forward dreams and information directly to the Detective's.   

I charge for my time However - there are times where I donate my time and energy on a case, and will help the Police Pro-Bono if asked and I am able. I assist as Creator calls me.  For help on missing person cases email