Positive Messages


 Leave your 'self' behind - join the Frequency of everlasting love in the NOW for the good of all mankind. 

-Kass Huff


The epitome of understanding is giving it to yourself. 

-Kass Huff



All negative/harmful energy, cords, and words are now neutralized and purified in God's Love and Light. 

Kass Huff


Ganesh oh Heavenly Being come to me now and clear clear clear these obstacles!!!

Kass Huff



every thought i think is a prayer, every prayer i think is  a message,
every message i send out is received
​i believe, i believe, i believe

​-kass huff

 Today I Pray

for the way, the words, the rescue, the vision, the healing, the fortitude, the strength to do what is necessary, the answer, the memory, the fight, the win, the relief, the kindness, the compassion, the forgiveness, the power, the courage, the success, the change, the balance, the longevity, the will, the right career, the children and their children, the community, the earth, the heart, the mind, the body....the love...

​If you have lost your will, your way, your faith, just pray​. If you can't pray for yourself, pray for your friend, your family, or a stranger.

-kass huff

if my thoughts are negative...

i can change my thoughts, i can push re-start

I can trust myself, i can shift my heart, i can heal myself

and so it is, and so it is, and so it is

​let it start, now

​-kass huff 






 I regain my thought

and everything becomes clear

what once was is not

what is not is fear

-kass huff 

I am FREE to RECEIVE all that supports my being!

I am alive and exchanging oxygen with the Universe and all GOOD things!  

I AM an excellent EXHALER and RELEASER of toxins and things that no longer support my being! 

I am RECEIVING increase of health.  I AM RECEIVING increase of joy.

I am RECEIVING increase of awareness.  I am RECEIVING increase of protection. 

I am RECEIVING increase of GRACE and ABUNDANCE that supports my being! 

I am RECEIVING love and kindness and offering it equally! 

I am in balance, I am in awe, I am humble, I am grateful, I am willing and able NOW - I RECEIVE!!

9/18/15 -Kass Huff 

"To be a Master, is to KNOW
​you are not the Master"
​-Kass Huff 


"Let go illusion - be happy

with what you have now"

-Kass Huff


'Master of Nothingness'

Today is everlasting goodness as you choose to loosely exhale in the sea of nothingness and worship the exhilaration of your being and existence  - while maintaining this ratio of understanding in a sea of chaos and disorder. you are chosen to breathe and be, and inherit the beauty as you receive the light that is in the knowing of the omnipresent.