Readings with Kass

Kass Huff, Psychic Medium

Kass Huff is a sought after naturally gifted Psychic Medium, Psychic Investigator, Medical Intuitive, Healer, Animal Communicator, Instructor, Author, Paranormal Consultant, and Empowerment Coach who is connected to the 4 winds and Great Spirit.  A living bridge to the beyond, bringing you messages for your Spirit.

Kass offers Readings, Communication with Loved Ones, Astrology Reports, Animal Communication, Healing Sessions, Past Life Readings, Business and Love Coach, Psychic Investigations, Paranormal Assistance, and Medical Intuitive.   

​Kass began working with her gifts after helping the family of a missing person. She continues to help on cases, as she is able to help.  She reads for people all over the world, channels, teaches - and assists with paranormal investigations and missing persons cases.  

Kass began offering Readings professionally in 2007, and today Kass reads for people all over the World. Kass is a gifted Business Coach, Numerologist, Feng Shui Practitioner of people and pets, and Shamanic Healing may come into the sessions - because of this many clients are Authors, business owners, Doctors, Healers, Actors, Musicians, etc.  Some clients call for help with recovery, guided meditation, answers they haven't found anywhere else, and healing after a loss.  Many clients call to hear 'what is coming through for them' and receive messages through Divine Guidance.  

Readings with Kass available Monday-Friday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm by phone and videochat. 

Kass will be taking 4 in person clients per week when the order is lifted for retail shops.  To book an in person Reading email or text 253-678-8659. 

Psychic Zen is located at 12146 C. St. S. Tacoma, WA 98444 

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Types of Readings


Readings and Impressions

A reading with Kass includes insight & answers to questions through connection.  Kass is able to read for you on almost any topic including life, love, career, money, business, and relationships.  She is able to validate or offer help and information.  Kass is an Empathic Healer, and Medium and may bring through messages from Loved Ones, Pets, and/or provide information about the Spirits with you.  She is a channel and speaks to your Guides, Ascended Masters, and higher Soul Self. 

Communication with Loved Ones

Kass is a Gifted Medium, and allows herself to open and connect to the afterlife to deliver assistance to those who have lost a loved one and help. Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Empath and Kass works with Tarot.  Communication with Loved Ones offers assistance for Grief & Loss and Kass may offer healing during the session.  Kass receives visions and listens, and tells you what she is able to bring through.    

Animal Communication

In person or house calls.  Kass started working as an Animal Communicator years ago when asked to help with an animal who was witness to a crime. Since then Kass has been assisting to relay messages from your pet (on this side or the other) and helping owners to stay connected and have deeper awareness to the connections we have with our beloved 4 legged ones.  

Empathic Medical Medium Reading & Healing

Kass is a Medium and feels the body of the person she is reading, and in some cases receives details about conditions within the body.  When indicated Kass will channel healing energy and messages for the client to receive healing for systematic changes necessary to realign to a new blueprint for health.  Kass is not a Doctor and cannot/does not diagnose.  All psychic insight should be used with utmost caution and respect and consult your Doctor before stopping or starting any new healthcare regimen or routine.  

Psychic Investigations - Missing Persons, Unsolved Mysteries, Criminal Cases

Through the years Kass has assisted on several different cases including homicide, cold case, missing persons, and questionable suicide cases.  She helps to validate or offer intuitive information.  

Paranormal Consultant | Remote House Clearing

Find out what is causing disturbances in your life and in your home.  Kass has assisted with Paranormal Investigations and House Calls all over the Puget Sound Region including some of the most haunted houses. 

If you would like a Paranormal Consultation book a videochat and please be in your home at the time of the session.  In some cases Kass may come out to your home to do a Spiritual Cleansing.  If you feel you are experiencing a haunting read Kass's book "Becoming From The Light".  

House Calls

Kass travels to your home for private one on one Readings.  Kass can read the house, family, animals, situations, and dynamics.  Outcall to your business also available for clearing, readings on improvements and dynamics, Feng Shui/energy flow for financial stability and growth.   House Calls are by request/upon availability only at this time. 

About Your Appointment

About Your Session 

Kass will open up with an intention/prayer and help get the two of you connected, then she will let you know what she is 'seeing' 'hearing' or what she empathically feels.   She will let you know any messages that are coming through, answer your questions, and provide information as she receives it from Spirit* ***.  Medical Disclaimer 

Your Reading
When Kass is done reading what comes to her, you will have an opportunity to ask questions.  If you have specific questions write them down ahead of time and have them ready. Readings offer answers for life's situations, and bring guidance and answers about Love, Money, Career, Relationships, Business, Family, Health, Animals, and help with grief and loss or loss of a loved one. Readings often bring a sense of peace, and understanding.  Kass is a Medium, and will bring through messages as she hears them. You may if desired email photos of your loved ones or pets, however it is not necessary.  

Readings By Phone
Readings are available by phone and videochat. She has many years experience reading for others book a phone reading appointment online.  In person readings are available as able upon request

At the exact time of your appointment call (253) 503-6816 and have a pen and paper handy or a device to record your session.  Payment is due at the time of your appointment. 

 *Medical Disclaimer