Walking an intuitive life, enjoying conscious Living, evolving, children, creating, spending time and sharing life, and doing what I love... takes up most of my life!  I find time for spiritual workshops, friends, inipi olowan lodge, yoga, receiving and giving healing and massage, walking, and writing - and reaching greater depths of love within and in community.  

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” 
― Lao Tzu


I am Psychic for as long as I can remember.  I grew up on the shores of the Bristol Bay during the late spring and summer seasons, and the rest of the year in Seattle, Washington. I am grateful for my unique upbringing which afforded me the peace of the ocean, the beauty of the vast skies, and the feeling of being at home in two places. Throughout my youth, I can remember paranormal experiences, and remember seeing and hearing grandparents arguing in a boat loft when I was about 10, and an elder confirmed the people I was seeing and hearing were deceased. At the age of 10 years old I saw a documentary on television about meditation, the show outlined how meditation can cure cancer, so I began meditating. I had my first out of body meditation experience shortly after, and began meditating regularly.  It was as if I already knew how.  I was 13 years old when I realized the nightmares and visions I was having where premonitions. Being raised strict Catholic, I was accustomed to praying. I was keenly aware the answers and guidance were always coming to me.  In my twenties, I began having experiences I know now are known to happen to Mediums. ​When my Father was in the hospital with cancer, my Grandparents came 'through me' and spoke to my Mother, my Mother was filled with peace. My gift was from that moment on became undeniable. It is difficult to walk in between the worlds at times, but seeing the peace it brings to others makes it worth it. Through the years I have done thousands of readings, I have no doubt in the power Great Spirit to perform miracles large and small, and that our Angels, Ancestors, Masters, and Guides bless us and assist us daily on our walk in this life. The healing through knowing and validating our loved ones are still with us - is immeasurable.

I am grateful to walk this path.

My religious and spiritual experiences are extensive.  I spent my youth in Catholic school and Church, while spending springs and summers with Yup'ik families on the Bristol Bay, later on seven years in a Christian Church where I had an unmistakable vision of the eye of God.  After the vision I went on an exploration that led me to study religions of all faiths and found an affinity for Buddhism, Hindu Studies, the study of Quantum Physics, and Shamanic Studies. I am a multi-denominational Ordained Minister, Deeksha blessing giver, and a Pow Wow Singer. On September 29th 2012 at the Rainbow of Ribbons Pow Wow in honor of women who have survived cancer and domestic violence held at Green River Community College myself and sisters of the Sweet Pine Singers (after two years of intensive training) we came out to the community. The Sweet Pine Singers were the first all woman's drum to come out and be accepted in Washington State by the First Nations community - on a day when "women who have been to hell and back have a special day". The Rainbow of Ribbons Pow Wow honors Women's Veterans and is hosted by "C" WarriorWoman Smith (A Wai Wai Indian from Kitty, Brithish Guyana) who celebrates the living heroes. The Sweet Pine Singers disbanded a year later - however the power and strength of the medicine carries on in all of us. The songs and the dance will go on forever. I am a Reiki Master. My teachings on healing are not limited to Reiki due to the extensive research while working with cancer patients I became aware of Adam the Dreamhealer and his healing techniques, as well as many other techniques that I intuitively use during healing sessions some learned through experience, some learned through research, and my elders. I work with people who are needing a healing - whatever your circumstance.

​I have instructed psychic development classes since 2010 and have taught energy healing as well. I work with children and adults who are gifted and having paranormal experiences - and assist people with healing as able. Buddha came to me in a dream and gifted me a vision and through that vision classes and workshops, training seminars, etc have birthed.  My Psychic gifts came to me from my Mother's Mother, my Grandmother who was known to have dreams, visions, and always knew who was calling on the phone, or coming for dinner - my mother had this as well, however did not speak of it. My father's mother was also very intuitive. There is record of a long line of spiritual leaders on my fathers side including my Great Uncle Father Joe Donovan, one of my greatest spiritual teachers.  

In 2007 I had a dream that led me to work with a family of missing person and later the police department, and detectives. I have assisted Search and Rescue, have read for private investigators, and private detectives. I have been 'spot on' on several occasions, however at times there is no way to tell the accuracy of information I receive until we 'see what comes', and I often do not 'understand' what I am seeing, but I share it as I receive it. I have assisted with homicides, unsolved mysteries, and missing persons and my services have not been limited to Washington State. Notably, I assisted in finding alive a lost young man with mental illness who went missing in downtown Seattle - for the family, I identified streets, signs, and locations accurately, I was featured on 1150 AM shortly after. I have assisted in helping the families of missing persons with the grief and loss process, as well as understanding the process where the police are involved (to what degree I understand).  I have helped with numerous missing pets situations and in 2014 I helped the owner of two stolen dogs in Arizona (the dogs were found where I saw them, and on the day I saw they would be found) I work with agencies and families as called, and able, and I help people with readings all over the world.

My strongest gift is the gift of Mediumship.  I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairgustant, able to remote view, and I am an empath. I am able to read energy, people, places, animals, money, health, and my gift is not limited to living or deceased ( I can read both).  I am very blessed to be able to share my gift and I honor the teaching of my ancestors, and elders. 

In 2010, some of my clients began calling me for for what I can only call "Psychic Business Coaching", "Psychic Life Coaching", "Psychic Career Coaching" and "Psychic Love Coaching" drawing on my intuitive ability to Read life, career, business, and romance as well as offer coaching - drawing on my Professional years as a Realtor, Financial Adviser, Manager, and Unit Secretary - as well as my personal experience as an entrepreneur & self-motivator. Clients were having good results, and recommending my services to friends and colleagues.  It is amazing to watch others grow to their potential, and know I was a small part of that process!  Thank you for everyone who has called me for Coaching through the years, and to all the Coaches I have mentored - amazing!

After a series of paranormal clearing cases over a period of 10 years that helped with, I wrote my first book to document my experiences and help people who are working with their gifts.  "Becoming From the Light" details some of my experiences with the paranormal and includes Prayers and techniques that I found useful to help those who need this type of healing.  I continue to offer consultation for those having paranormal experiences.

 I am the Mother of four amazing and talented children, each has an understanding of what is their unique spiritual inheritance.  I am a Grandmother and it is by far the greatest gift of life.  I am excited to help and hold vision for children of all ages as they are walking in a time where it is more acceptable than ever before to be gifted, open, and connected. ​

As always, I am grateful for today and all Creator has given, and all I have to offer. 

 Thank you to all of the wonderful clients who have reached for me and the time we have spent together.  

Thank you Creator.

It is a mystical experience after all. 

Many blessings,

Kass Huff