Usui Reiki Training

ReiKi Training & Certification

Reiki is a Healing Modality used for increasing well-being, aiding in healing, increasing or balancing life force energy, opening and attuning the Chakra's, and helping with Intuitive/Spiritual development and awareness. 

ReiKi is a Japanese technique that is very old and was revived by Dr. Usui in. ReiKi is passed down through lineage of Healers who have the highest and utmost respect for ReiKi Healing. ReiKi stands for Rei "divine wisdom" and Ki "life force energy". 

ReiKi is a transcendental energy (transcendental means "of or relating to a spiritual or non-physical realm") brought forward through the hands of a trained ReiKi Practitioner who accesses life force energy for the purpose of attuning and healing the body, mind, and Spirit.  ReiKi Practitioners are Touch and Heart Centered Therapists whose primary purpose is to OPEN the chakra's to assist you to receive healing, and allow a flow of ReiKi energy to flow into you.  Some ReiKi is performed by holding the hands above the body, some ReiKi positions have the hands directly on the body in ReiKi technique.  

You will lay comfortably on a therapy table, clothed (unless you are also receiving massage) and your Practitioner will take care to cover you if you are cold, and make sure you are comfortable throughout your session. Benefits of ReiKi ReiKi is proven to help with the symptoms and side effects associated with nausea when a person is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation and helps with headaches, migraines, and depression.  ReiKi decreases blood pressure, stimulates proper emotional balance, decharges and clears the body of negative energies, boosts the immune system, reduces stress and brings about a sense of total relaxation and wellness.  ReiKi stimulates the bodies ability to recover from illness/injury, and trauma, and may help with increased awareness and intuitive abilities. 

Usui ​Reiki Training - Level One
This 5 hour "Beginning Energy Healing" class will provide you with several techniques to 'tune in', 'turn on' and experience ReiKi Life Force Energy, then learn how to apply it in traditional ReiKi Methods and you will receive a Level One Attunement. This is a day to experience a lot of personal healing. Please be at least 24 hours (preferably 48 hours) clean and sober on the day of your first attunement, wear practical comfortable attire (you will lay clothed on a therapy table in a group), and come ready to learn, practice, and receive.  

Cost: $168.00

Usui Reiki Training - Level Two

Reiki Level Two expands your knowledge of ReiKi to distance healing and offers you a level two attunement. You will be intitiated and receive the symbols that have been passed down with care through a lineage of amazing Healers. In addition you will learn how to apply Reiki to others as well as pets, and how to incorporate ReiKi into your practice and focus on how to have a Professional ReiKi session with clients as well as increase your personal awareness and open up your Chakra's to be able to receive greater amounts of energy and increased health and personal balance and wellness.  

Cost: $268.00

Usui Reiki Training-  Level Three - Reiki Master

Master level ReiKi Practitioners receive the Master Attunement, symbols, and are granted permission through their proven dedication and personal commitment - to share and teach others the Healing Art of ReiKi. This is an all day class of Healing on all levels - come prepared to experience, share, and be attuned to the Third Degree ReiKi. Prerequisite: Level One and Two, and a Level Three Attunement prior to class.

Cost $599

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Reiki is a Sacred Art and is practiced with love and kindness.  Please be 48 hours clean and sober in preparation for your attunement on the day of class (as you are able).  Bring a notebook and a pen.  A manual will be provided as well as Certificate of completion will be mailed afterward.