Text Kass Your Question

Kass began answering questions by email in 2011 after a dream that suggested I add a page to my website called Ask A Psychic - the name Ask A Psychic has now evolved into an event where a panel of psychics answer public questions and we do it every week in Spanaway WA!

Text Kass Your Question service is for people who want to text Kass a question and she will respond within 24 hours. 

You can purchase one question, two, or three questions.  

If you are looking for answers now please Book Online and you can select a time to call or text with Kass. 

However - if you are okay with submitting your question and Kass will respond (usually within 2 to 3 hours) then this service is for you!

#1 Go to the Gift Store and purchase the Text Package you would like.


#2 text Kass at 253-678-8659 your question.

Please start your message with the words "Text Reading" this will let Kass know you have purchased a text reading.